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The Flow

•  Data Processing

•  Quantitative Analysis

•  Qualitative Analysis

•  Insights on Market and Industry Trends

Industry Coverage


•  Streaming Video on Demand (SVODs)

•  Live TV Streaming (dMVPDs)

•  Cable & Satellite (MVPDs)

Video Games

•  Publishers

•  Developers

•  Franchises

•  Games and Store Fronts


•  Carriers

•  Handset Manufacturers (OEMs)

•  Individual Models


Competitive intelligence and behavioral insights for the Streaming Video On Demand (SVOD), Live TV Streaming, and Cable & Satellite industries.
M Science solutions help clients track customer spending behavior and competitive dynamics at a granular level to inform strategy decisions across the organization.

our Coverage Universe

clients use us for

Performance Benchmarking

Forecasting and Planning

Customer Quality

Competitive Analysis

Lift Analysis

Sample Analyses

Key subscriber metrics
per media service

Market share and overlap analyses

Custom cohort analyses

Customer flow-share analyses

Retention and Win-Back Analyses

Video Games

M Science tracks user activity and spending across hundreds of publishers and thousands of games in near real-time.
Measure the impact of new game launches, track subscription metrics, engagement metrics, game sales, hardware sales, and more.

Video Game

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What to Expect

Interactive Dashboards: Easily Accessible & Customizable
Our customizable, interactive, Tableau-based dashboards are designed to easily integrate into your workflow and process.
Access to experienced sector analysts helps you answer questions, run tests, and build custom analyses.


M Science helps handset makers and telecom operators better understand the competitive environment and consumer behavior with detailed reports and dashboards. Track handset sales per operator, manufacturer, model, and specification. Track the performance of new product launches, promotions, and pricing. Understand how customers purchase their device(s), how often customers upgrade, to which OEM, operating system, or carrier they remain loyal, and how these trends are changing over time.

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